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Tell your visitors about yourself, your website, and your business.

To edit the About page:

  1. In the Website Editor, click Pages.

  2. Find the About page, or add it as a new page, and click the Edit button.

  3. Enter text to describe yourself, your website, or your business.

  4. Use the toolbar to set the text to Bold, Italic, Underline, Insert a Link, etc. (read about the Text Editor Tool)

  5. Click Choose Image to add up to three images (size limit per image 100MB).

  6. Next to the Choose Image button, click to Preview the image, edit it using the Image Editor or Remove it.

Add custom text using A.I

Use TextAI to add a custom A.I generated About text,

  1. In the About page editor click edit

  2. Choose TextAI

  3. Type your business or website name, and a short description of your product or service, and click Generate

  4. Choose a suitable text from the options that were generated and click Apply

  5. Save the text

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