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When visitors submit form messages to you, you will receive them in two places - the entered email addresses and in your form messages list.

To check your form messages:

  1. Go to your website Dashboard.

  2. Under Activities, click Form messages.

  3. Inside the Messages tab, view all messages, filter messages by status and date.

  4. Change the status of each message to New, In Progress, Pending, Completed or Canceled.

  5. Click to see more Info to Delete a message.

  6. Click to Export the list into a CSV file.

  7. Inside the Insights tab, monitor and analyze received messages.

Please note:

  • To reply to the messages, go to the email you set as the Email Notification and you will be able to reply to the messages from there.

  • Free websites will need to go to their Dashboard to see the full message, while Premium users will be able to see the full message in their email.

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