Building your website is an easy process with SITE123, a few simple steps and it'll be ready in no time!

Here are some tips to begin:

  1. Start with editing your Homepage Text and designing the Background.

    Read detailed tutorials about editing your Homepage Text and Background.

    Note: you can select a different template to start with, check out the tutorial about Templates.

  2. You can add different Call-to-Action Goals, such as Button, Form, Subscription Box and more.

    Read a detailed tutorial about Call-to-Action Goals.

  3. Next, inside the Settings tab, edit your Website Name and upload a Logo.

    Read a detailed tutorial about the Website Name, Logo and Favicon.

  4. Continue with uploading your own content.

    Inside the Pages tab, you will find the default pages of the template you started with. Add pages, rename and organize them as you like.

    Read detailed tutorials about adding Pages and Categories.

  5. Now, design your website.
    Inside the Design tab, customize the Colors and Fonts.

    Read detailed tutorials about customizing the Colors and Fonts.

  6. Lastly, work on your website Header and Footer.
    Inside the Design tab, click Header then Footer and personalize them to your needs.

    Read detailed tutorials about customizing the Header and Footer.

  7. When you are satisfied with your website and ready to put it online, click the Publish button to update it with all the changes.

    Read about Previewing the website before publishing.

Here's a quick video that shows all the important steps to build your website:

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