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Change the Website Structure
Change the Website Structure
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Change the Website Structure

To change your website structure, follow these steps:

  • In the Website Editor, click Design and select Website Structure from the drop-down list.

  • Inside the Structures tab, scroll through the various options, such as top/side menu, floating menu (will float over the pages and continue to appear when scrolling), icon menu (will show when clicking on the menu icon), box (click on the website background to set the background color and image).

Custom Tab

Inside the Custom tab, customize the Website Menu Navigation.

Depending on the structure you selected, different options will show:

  • Header Opacity

  • Header Size

  • Header Font Style

  • Menu Link Style

  • Menu Font Size

  • Space Between Pages

  • Page Width

  • Letter Spacing

  • Word Spacing

  • Hide Menu Line - The line that separates between the header and homepage.

  • Sticky Menu - When using this option, the menu will remain fixed to the top of the screen when visitors scroll down.

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