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Edit the Online Courses Page
Edit the Online Courses Page
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Use the Online Course page to create and publish your online courses

You can showcase your courses, provide details about what students will learn, and share all the important information.

In this guide, you will learn how to create an online course, edit its content and pricing, Control how your users access the course, and more.

Add the Online Course Page

Edit the Online Courses (Edit Button)

In this section, you will learn how to add, remove, and manage the items on your Online Course page.

  • Click the Edit button.

  • Click the Arrows icon and drag to reposition an item in the list.

  • Click the Three dots icon to Edit, Duplicate, Preview, or Delete an item.

Add a New Course (Courses Tab)

Click the Add New Course button and edit course settings and information:

Course Info

  • Name - Add the course name.

  • Description - Add a short description of the course subject and content.

  • Add Category - Add the new course to an existing category or create a new one by clicking the Add New Category button. Categories will allow you to divide your courses into subjects. The new category will be visible beneath the page title. Note that deleting a category will delete the items in it as well.


  • To add an image, click the Choose Image. You can upload an image from your computer, Choose one from the Image Library, or import one from an external service such as Facebook and more. (size limit 50MB)


  • Access Type (free or paid) - Set the access to your course. You can allow users to access only after payment has been made, Access that only requires a user to sign up, or Free access to all users.

  • Price - Set the price rate for your course

  • On Sale - Toggle this option on to add a sale price for the course.

Course Section

Add sections to your course. These sections will allow you to divide the course into parts in accordance with your course syllabus. Each section can hold multiple lessons.

Edit and Add the Course Section.

  • Section Name - Add the section name or short description (up to 250 characters )

  • Add a new section by clicking the Add section button.


Click Edit to add lesson details:

  • Name - Add the lesson name

  • Description - Add the lesson description

  • Preview Lesson - Enable the option to allow users to view the selected lesson without having to purchase the full course.

  • Video Type - Select the type of the added course media, use a video from Youtube or Vimeo, or choose the custom option to upload a video from your computer or an external service such as Google Drive, Facebook, and more. Alternatively, you can select Audio to add an Audio-only file from your computer.

👉 Note: - The maximum size of the uploaded files is determined by the type of package you own. Check out the maximum file size limitations for each package below:

  • Basic Package: 500MB

  • Advanced Package: 1GB

  • Professional Package: 2GB

  • Gold Package: 3GB

  • Platinum Package: 5GB

Registration Form.

Create a Registration Form for visitors to fill out when registering for a course.

Use the custom form builder to customize the form to best suit your needs

Read more about the Custom Form Builder Tool.

Custom SEO

Adjust the SEO settings of your different services. Read more about Custom SEO.

Setting Tab

Under the settings tab, edit your payment method and Tax, as well as edit the course custom labels and course options, such as the abandon cart tool.

Payment Method

Inside the Payment Methods tab, set your accepted currency and payment methods. Read about setting Currency and Payment Methods.


Inside the Tax tab, add regions and tax. Read about setting Tax.

Configuration Tab

Under Options, enable the Abandoned Order Reminder to send reminder emails to visitors who abandoned their shopping cart mid-purchase. Read about the Abandoned Cart Reminder Tool. Under Custom Labels, add custom labels.

Purchased Courses Tab

Inside the Purchased Courses tab, see the list of all the purchased courses, filter them by status, date, and type, and manage them. Read about Checking Your Orders.

Coupon Tab

Inside the Coupons tab, create coupons to give special deals and discounts. Read about Creating Coupons.

Insight Tab

Inside the Insights tab, monitor and analyze order activity.

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