Send reminder emails to visitors who abandoned their shopping carts in the process of purchasing from you and boost your sales! Abandoned cart reminders are available on the Ecommerce, Events, Donate and Schedule Booking pages.

To set up abandoned cart reminders:

  1. In the Website Editor, click on Pages.

  2. Find the page you want to set an abandoned cart reminder on, and click the Edit button.

  3. Click the Configuration tab (on the Ecommerce page, click Settings, then Configuration).

  4. Under the Options tab, enable Abandoned Cart Reminder.

  5. Enter a number in the field and set it as minutes, hours, or days (i.e. 5 minutes/hours/days).

  6. Click the Edit Email button to edit the Email Subject, Email Text, and the Call to Action Button Text.

  7. Click the Plus button to add another email reminder (up to 5 reminders to urge your visitors to go back and complete their order).

Please note:

  • Track visitors who abandoned their cart through your Form Orders.

  • In the first five minutes, the order is set as "In-Progress" and it's not possible to change its status. After five minutes, you will see if it's abandoned or not.ֿ

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