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List events that you want your visitors to know about.

To edit the events page:

  1. In the Website Editor, click Pages.

  2. Find the Events page, or add it as a new page, and click the Edit button.

  3. Inside the Events tab, click the three dots icon to Edit, Duplicate, Preview, or Delete an event.

  4. Click the Add New Event button and edit the Event Details:

    • Event Name

    • Event Registration Status

    • Email Notification

    • Event Closed custom message

    • Sold Out Message

    • Images (Main Image size limit 50MB, More Images size limit 100MB).

    • Date (the order of the events is set by date)

    • Location

    • Address

    • Description

    • Set the way to sell Tickets from the Action Button list, show how many tickets are left, add the Ticket Name, Type and Price. Click More Details to add Ticket Description, Policy, Minimum/Maximum purchases per order, and Limit Quantity.

    • Set a Check-in Password for the check-in page to allow attendees into the event by scanning tickets.

    • Create a Registration Form for visitors to fill when registering for an event.

  5. Inside the Payment Methods tab, set your accepted currency and payment methods. Read about setting Currency and Payment Methods.

  6. Inside the Tax tab, add regions and tax. Read about setting Tax.

  7. Inside the Configuration tab:

    • Under Options, enable the Abandoned Order Reminder to send reminder emails to visitors who abandoned their shopping cart mid-purchase. Read about the Abandoned Cart Reminder Tool.

    • Under Custom Labels, add custom labels.

  8. Inside the Orders tab, see the list of all the orders, filter them by status, date, and type and manage them. Read about Checking Your Orders.

  9. Inside the Tickets tab, see the list of tickets per event and the relevant info about it. Read about Checking Your Tickets List.

  10. Inside the Coupons tab, create coupons to give special deals and discounts. Read about Creating Coupons.

  11. Inside the Insights tab, monitor and analyze order activity.

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