Go to SITE123

To edit the blog page:

  1. In the Website Editor, click Pages.

  2. Find the Blog page, or add it as a new page, and click the Edit button.

  3. Inside the Posts tab, click the three dots icon to Edit, Duplicate, Preview, or Delete an item.

  4. Click the Add New Post button and edit:

    • Content (read about the New Text Editor Tool)

    • Image (size limit is 50MB)

    • Date and Time (the order of the posts is set by date and time)

    • Tags

    • Short description

    • Hide comments from post

    • Related Posts

  5. Inside the Settings tab:

    • Under Options, set the Comments System type and select how visitors will comment on posts. Enable to show the number of comments, post read time, related posts, social share buttons, and publish date.

    • Enable Adsense Advertising to show ads on your posts. Read about Google AdSense.

    • Find your RSS Link, where your latest posts will be updated in the RSS feed. Visitors can subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed in an RSS reader.

  6. Under Custom Labels, add custom labels.

  7. Inside the Comments tab, see a list of all the comments left on your articles, including hidden comments.

  8. Inside the Insights tab, monitor and analyze comments activity.

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