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Create a Business Mailbox
Create a Business Mailbox
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Create an email account associated with your domain to make your website/business appear more professional.

Create Your Mailbox

To create a mailbox with your domain name, follow these steps:

  • Go to your website Dashboard.

  • Click the Domain button and select Set Unique Domain from the list.

  • Click the Email Accounts button, then New Email Account.

  • Set up your account name and password.

  • You can forward incoming emails to a different email by checking the Forward emails to a different mailbox checkbox and entering the destination email.
    Do not forward to the same email that you just created (i.e., the email cannot forward emails to

  • Save the account and click Apply.

👉 Note:

  • You can create emails with SITE123 that connect to your domain only if your MX records point to SITE123. Read about Setting MX Records to SITE123.

  • The mailbox size is limited to 1GB, while the attached files are limited to 15MB in total.

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