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Why do I need a custom domain?
Why do I need a custom domain?
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A website with a custom domain will be considered professional and reliable to visitors, which will help you to better connect with them and build trust.

To appear even more professional and trustworthy, you can also create business email accounts and associate them with your domain name. Read more about Creating a Mailbox.

A website with a custom domain name will benefit your website in terms of SEO, as it will be easier for search engines to scan your website with a custom domain rather than with the system's sub-domain. Read more about SEO.

How to choose the right domain name?
When picking a domain name there are several things you should consider. Choose a domain name that will be easy for people to remember when they are searching for your site online. If your business is targeted locally, you might want to consider a local domain extension such as, .fr, etc. Check out the 10 Best Tips For Choosing a Domain Name for more great tips.

SITE123 offers the option to purchase a unique domain name directly from your website's Dashboard. We have one of the largest selections of domain extensions on the market, from TLD's to local domains, and you can find almost anything you are looking for.

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