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Connect Your Domain
Connect Your Domain
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If you own a domain and want to connect it to your SITE123 website, it can be easily done. First, make sure your website has a Premium Package or Upgrade Your Website.

Connecting Your Domain

To connect your own domain, follow these steps:

  • Go to your website Dashboard.

  • Click the Domain button and select Set Unique Domain from the list.

  • Click Add Existing Domain and enter your domain.

  • When connecting your domain from another provider, you will probably get the Domain Not Active message. It means that you need to point the records of your domain to SITE123 servers for the domain to be active.

Choose How to Point Your Domain to Your SITE123 Website:

Edit CNAME and A Records

These two records are responsible for domain redirection, and changing them is the easiest and quickest way to connect your domain to your website.

Log in to your domain registrar panel and make the following changes:

  • Create a CNAME record for WWW, pointing to

  • Create an A record for @ (empty), pointing to the following IP address:

Alternatively, we can edit CNAME and A records for you. Click the DO IT FOR ME button and fill in the form.

Change NS Records

Name Server records determine where all other DNS records will be managed.
If you complete this step and change NS records, the management of your domain records will be done through the SITE123 domain panel.

To manage your DNS records with SITE123, point your domain NS records to the following:



Note: Changing NS records will deactivate any external services connected to your domain, like email accounts and sub-domains. The change can take up to 72 hours to update, and afterward, you will need to update MX records in the domain panel to activate your external email accounts.

Transfer Your Domain to SITE123

You can transfer your domain's management directly to SITE123.

To start the transfer process, contact your current provider and ask them to unlock your domain and provide you with a release code (EPP or Auth), which you'll need to send to us. Then, fill in the Domain Transfer Form for us to handle your request.

The transfer process can take between 5-7 days to complete until the registrar confirms the transfer.

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