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Add articles based on your website topic or about your field of business, share your knowledge with your website readers, manage comments, and track your article's progression and reach.

In this guide, you will learn how to manage and add content to your article page, as well as utilize our AI tool to quickly create relevant and customized articles.

Add the Article Page

Edit the Articles Page (Edit Button)

In this section, you will learn how to Add, remove, and manage the items on your Team pages.

  • Click the Edit button.

  • Click the Arrows icon and drag to reposition an item in the list.

  • Click the Three dots icon to Edit, Duplicate, Preview, or Delete an item.

Add New Article

In the edit window under the Article Tab, click the Add New Article button.

Article Tab

To add content to your Article Page, Click the Edit button And use the Text editor to add the content and divide it into sections.

Hovering over a section will mark it blue and prompt a small toolbox. Use the Up and Down arrows to move a section in the text and the Red Trashcan icon to delete a section.

Marking a section of the text will prompt additional editing tools, which you can use to customize your text further. Use the Bottom Toolbar to add images, Videos, custom codes, and more. Read more about The Text Editor.

Article Settings

On the site menu, edit the following settings:

  • Tags - add unique tags to your Articles

  • Category - Add your article to an existing category, or use the Add new category to create a new one. Categories will be side by side on your article page, allowing you to centralize articles under different subjects. Deleting a category without first removing it from the articles will result in the articles being deleted alongside the category.

  • Short Description - Add a short description of the content of the article. This description will be previewed on your Article Home page. When using categories, the description will be displayed once the user enters the category and not on the homepage.

  • Custom SEO - Adjust the SEO settings of your different services. Read more about Custom SEO.

Related Articles

When Users read your article, at the end of it, they will be presented with articles related to the article they just read. Under this setting, you can control which articles the user will see. To edit the related Articles, edit the following options:

  • Auto - will display articles based on the article Tag ( Articles using the same tag).

  • Custom - Allows you to select specific articles from your article list

  • Off - will enable you to decide not to present related articles on the article you are editing only.

Settings Tab

Under the Settings Tab, you can control aspects of your article page, such as comment system read and display settings, and edit your Article Page custom labels.

Comment System and Settings

Set the Comments System type and select how visitors will comment on posts

You can choose Internal comments or comments on Facebook or Disqus.

Edit the following settings:

  • Show Number of comments - Decide if you want to show how many users commented on the articles to your website visitors.

  • Show Article Read Time - Show your users an estimated time it would take to read the article.

  • Show related Articles - decide if to show related articles on all articles or not at all.

  • Show social share button - allow your users to share your articles on social media.

Custom Labels

Here, you can edit your Article labels to better suit your needs. Choose Custom Lable to customize the labels, such as Continue Reading instead of Read More.

Add Articles With "AI"

Utilize our AI tool to promptly add articles to your Page.

On your Article page, click the Magic Wand icon. The tool will open the edit screen on the Generate content Tab. You can also reach the AI tool from within the Edit screen by directly clicking the Generate Content Tab or by clicking Supercharge Your Content with "AI."

Content Options

Enter an explanation about the content you wish to add into the text box ( Limited to 350 Characters). Add the explanation in the form of a request. For example, Write an article about Graphic Design using Photoshop.

Add additional settings to focus the tool and optimize the provided results:

  • Content length - choose the length of the content you wish the AI tool to generate. Choose between Short content ( up to 500 words), Medium (Up to 1000 words), and Long ( up to 1500 words). By utilizing this option, you can control the precise length of the generated article and align it with your requirements.

  • Keywords - Providing the Tool with relevant keywords will further focus the toll and enable it to generate more accurate content as per your requirements.

  • Content Style and Structure - Choose the type of content of the article and its style, for example, a step-by-step guide or a review and comparison. This will allow you to tailor your content to engage and inform your readers effectively.

Click Generate Ideas to allow the tool to generate ideas for your content using the provided information and settings. The "AI" tool will generate relevant articles based on your provided information and selected settings and provide you with options for you to choose from.

Insights tab

Inside the Insights tab, monitor and analyze your reader's reactions to your Articles.


Click the Layouts button to change the page layout. Read more about the Page Layout.

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