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Add your contact information to allow visitors to reach you.

To edit the contact page:

  1. In the Website Editor, click Pages.

  2. Find the Contact page, or add it as a new page, and click the Edit button.

Basic Contact Tools

  • Set the Type of communication (e.g. Phone, Skype, WhatsApp) and enter the relevant details.

  • Enter the Displayed Email you want visitors to see, and the Email Notification you want to receive the contact messages on. Read about checking your Form Messages.

  • Add a Short Description that will be displayed below the phone numbers.

  • Enter your Address and Opening Hours.

  • Enable Social Details and click Manage Social to add your socials and display them on the contact page.

Advanced Settings

  • Enable Auto Reply Email to send to visitors who contact you.

  • Add Scripts and Codes, like Google Conversion code, Facebook Pixel code, etc.

  • Set After Submit Actions, like a Custom "Thank You" Message or Link to URL, that will be triggered after visitors submit a form.

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