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Edit the Website Name, Logo, and Favicon
Edit the Website Name, Logo, and Favicon
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Your website name, logo, and favicon make up the first impression and catch the attention of your visitors and potential customers. To edit, In the Website Editor, click Settings and select Website Name from the drop-down list.

Website Name

  • Enter the website name.

  • Click the B button to make it bold

  • tT button to set the Font Size, Letter, Word, and Icon Text Spacing.


  • Upload - Click Choose Logo to upload a pre-made logo (size limit 50MB).

  • Logo Maker - Use the Logo Maker to create one. Create your logo from the available Icons, Fonts, and Layouts, and edit the Text settings.

Browser Favicon

Click Choose Image and upload a favicon in .ico or .png file types (recommended to use your logo). The favicon will appear in the browser tab, next to your website name.

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