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The Mailing List Tool
The Mailing List Tool
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Add an Email Subscription Field to your website to allow your visitors to subscribe and receive emails from you.

To use the mailing list tool:

  1. In the Website Editor, add an Email Subscription Field to your Footer, your Homapage Call-to-Action, or to your Promo Page.

  2. Go to your website Dashboard.

  3. Under Activities, click Mailing List.


  1. Click Send New Message to create a new mailing message.

  2. Enter the General Details:

    • Set your message to be sent as a test

    • Schedule the send time

    • Set the sender name

    • Reply to the email.

  3. Choose from two mailing list templates from Template Selection.

  4. Edit the Template Wizard:

    • Enter the Email Subject

    • Choose Logo

    • Main Image

    • Text Header

    • Text (read about the Text Editor Tool)

    • Button Link

    • Button Text

    • Background Color

    • Main Color

    • Show Unsubscribe Settings

    • Sender Name

    • Sender's Email

    • Sender's Address

    • Sender Phone Number


manage your subscribers:

  • Check their status: "Subscribed" or "Pending confirmation".

  • Export your subscribers to .csv file.

  • Edit your subscribers' info, such as first name, last name, phone, and country.

  • Remove subscribers.


Monitor and analyze your mailing list activity and filter the data by periods.

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