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To add a call-to-action button to your homepage:

  1. Add a Call-to-Action Button directly from the Homepage.

  2. Click the Goals button.

  3. From the Action Type drop-down list, select Buttons.

  4. A Settings button will appear which allows you to add a Second Action.

  5. Hover your mouse over the Button you added to your Homepage.

  6. Click Edit:

    • Rename it, add a Second Button, and set the Buttons Size.

    • Click Settings next to First and Second Buttons:

      • Select the Type - Scroll Down, Redirect (URL), Redirect (URL - New Window), Phone Number, Email, Download File (size limit 100MB).

      • Choose the button Style and Icon.

  7. Click the Arrow to set the Top and Bottom Spacing.

  8. Click the three dots to change the Action Type, Settings, Position, or to Remove it.

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