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Edit the Homepage Call-to-Action Goals
Edit the Homepage Call-to-Action Goals
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To add a call-to-action to your homepage:

  1. Add a Call-to-Action directly from the Homepage.

  2. Click the Goals button.

  3. Select your preferred Action Type from the list.


Add up to two buttons to your Homepage. Read more about Call-to-Action Buttons.


Add an Image, Illustration, or a Gif.


Add Vertical or Horizontal Form, a Search Box Field, or an Email Subscription Field. Read more about Call-to-Action Form and The Mailing List Tool.


Add a Video Popup Icon or an Inline Video.


Upload audio from your device or add a SoundCloud inline window.

Social Tool

Show your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest profiles, or add icons of your social networks.


Add a counter and set the Countdown Type (daily, hourly, minutes), the Date and Time, and enter a message that will be displayed when the countdown is complete.

Hover your mouse over the action you added, and click to Edit it, set the Top and Bottom Spacing, Position it, or Remove it.

Please note:

After choosing your Call-To-Action type, a Settings button will appear which allows you to align your action and add a second Call-to-Action.

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