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Check the Website Statistics
Check the Website Statistics
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Checking the Website Statistics

To check your statistics, follow these steps:

  • Go to your website Dashboard.

  • Click the Settings button and select Statistics from the list.

  • Browse through the different tabs to learn about your website's performance.

👉 Note: The website statistics tool is available from the Professional package and higher.

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Traffic and Sources

Check the volume of your site traffic and where it comes from. It can advise you on how and where to advertise, what keywords to focus on for SEO, etc. We also have a subsection that shows how many of your users came from social network sites.

Most Popular Pages

Some pages on your website attract a lot of attention from visitors. You’ll know which pages on your website receive the most traffic and be able to use this information when working on your other pages to increase overall traffic to your website.

Visitor Devices

Learn which devices people are using to visit your website to understand how people are finding you - using the traditional laptop/desktop or on the go, with a mobile device or tablet.

Average Visit Duration

See how long visitors stay on your site on average to understand how well your site retains people’s attention. If visitors don’t spend a lot of time on your site, you can take measures to make your site more interactive and interesting.

Visitors Location

Check from where your visitors are accessing your website. It can help you to focus on target markets, cater to regions and places that know about your business, and use your website regularly.

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