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Enable Google AdSense on the Blog Page
Enable Google AdSense on the Blog Page
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Google AdSense is a Google app through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience.

Make sure to connect your website to Google AdSense to be able to show ads directly on your Blog Pages.

Blog AdSense Settings

To show ads on your blog, follow these steps:

  • In the Website Editor, click Pages.

  • Find the Blog page and click the Edit button.

  • Click the Settings tab.

Adsense Advertising

Enable Adsense Advertising and fill in the details:

  • Enter your Google AdSense - script snippet code

  • Enter your specific Google AdSense - responsive ad script code

  • Set the Ad Location (top or bottom of the post)

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