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The Client Zone Tool
The Client Zone Tool
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The Client Zone tool will enable your visitors to register as website members and have their details saved in the system. With the help of this tool, you can Limit Your Website Access, Manage Your Forum, and allow your users to log in to their Client Zone and view their profile, addresses, and order details.

Enable the Client Zone tool:

In the Website Editor, click Design and select Header from the drop-down list.

In the Show Login Icon box, switch the button to ON. Note that this option will only be available if you have the flowing pages on your website :

  • E-commerce Store

  • Booking

  • Forum

If none of the above are on your website, the option will be grayed out

and not accessible.

Once you enable this option, a Log-in icon will appear on your website's header that will allow your users to log in to their Client Zone, manage their profile details and addresses, view their orders, post on your forum page, etc.

After enabling the Client Zone, click Edit to set its Unique name. This name will be displayed to your users when they sign up or log in to their Client zone.

Log Into Your Client Zone

To log in to the Client Zone, the user must enter their email and click Request Login Code, They will receive the login code to the email they entered.

Users can also choose to log in using their Facebook or Gmail accounts. This provides an additional layer of security and allows them to sign up for your client zone quickly and easily.

The Client Zone Options

Once logged in to their Client Zone, your users will find the following sections:


Users can edit their profile details, such as Name, Last Name, Nickname, Phone, and Country, and add an Image.

The client can also sign up for your newsletter and receive updates about your products and services.

Clicking the three dots next to the profile picture will allow your clients to change their picture and Log out from the Client Zone.

My Addresses

Each user can add multiple addresses and use them when making orders on your website, as well as edit them when necessary. The Client can set up multiple addresses and decide on the primary one.

Schedule Booking

Users can use this tab to view information about their booking and, if permitted, cancel or reschedule their appointments.

This Tab will allow them to do the following:

  • Info - Will show the booking details.

  • Pay - Will let the client pay for the scheduled service.

  • Downward arrow - Will offer your clients the option to reschedule or cancel their appointments if the option is enabled in the schedule page settings.


If your website has an E-commerce store, they will be presented with this tab. Any order the user has made will be present here.

This Tab will allow them to do the following:

  • Info: The user can review their order details, including the shipping address, total cost of the order, and other relevant information.

  • Pay: The user can pay for any outstanding orders within their client zone. This will redirect the client to a payment screen where they pay for the desired order.

Add Branding to Your Client Zone

You can enhance your branding by customizing the default names (Labels). This allows you to display what you want your clients to see, for example, "Best Clothes Store," "The Conference Gathering," or anything else that empowers your brand.

To set up a branded Tab on your website client zone, go to the E-commerce store or to the Booking page, click The Store or Edit buttons, respectively, and follow these steps:

  • Click Settings in the side menu and then click Configuration.

  • Click Custom Labels and set the Store or Booking category to Custom.

  • Add the custom brand tag and save.

This will replace the existing store or booking tab with the branded label.

Read more about the E-commerce Store and the Schedule Booking page settings.

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