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The Client Zone Tool
The Client Zone Tool
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The Client Zone tool will enable your visitors to register as members of your website and have their details saved in the system. With the help of this tool, you can Limit Your Website Access, Manage Your Forum, and allow your users to log in to their Client Zone and view their profile, addresses, and order details.

To enable the Client Zone tool:

  1. In the Website Editor, click Design and select Header from the drop-down list.

  2. In the Show Login Icon box, switch the button to ON.

  3. Once you enable this option, a login icon will appear on your website's header that will allow your users to log in to their Client Zone, manage their profile details, addresses, view their orders, post on your forum page, etc.

  4. To log in to the Client Zone, the user must enter their email then click on "Request Login Code". They will receive the login code to the email they entered.

  5. Inside the Client Zone, you will find the following sections:

    • Profile - Each user can edit their profile details, such as Name, Last Name, Nickname, Phone, Country, and add an Image.

    • My Addresses - Each user can add multiple addresses and use them when making orders on your website, as well as edit them when necessary.

    • E-commerce - This tab will be available for your users if your website has an E-commerce and the user has made an order from you. Clicking on "Info" will show the order details, while the "Pay" button will let the client pay for the order placed.

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