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Connect Yahoo! Small Business Domain with SITE123 Website
Connect Yahoo! Small Business Domain with SITE123 Website
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To point your Yahoo! Small Business domain to SITE123, you must have access to your domain management panel or be in contact with your domain provider. You will need to update 2 records in your domain settings: A record and CNAME record.

Connect Yahoo! Small Business Domain

To connect Yahoo domain, follow the steps:

  • Log in to your Yahoo!SmallBusiness account.

  • Next to your domain, click Domain Control Panel.

  • Go to your primary A-record and click Edit.

  • In the Destination field, change the IP address to and click Submit.

  • If you have another A-record for your domain, please delete it. If there is no such record, ignore this step.

  • Click Add Record and select CNAME.

  • In the Source field, enter www.

  • In the Destination field, enter and click Submit.

👉 Note: Yahoo! Small Business is an external domain service, and the steps of connecting your domain may change over time as they update their services.

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