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Use promo pages to add beautiful, customized sections to highlight a specific topic, display a video or an image, or add a call-to-action element.

In this guide, you will learn how to add a Promo page to your website, Edit the page content, Add images, and learn how you can use our "AI" Tool to add customized content to your page.

Adding the Promo Page

In the Website Editor, click Pages.

Find the Promo page in the current page list, or Add It as a New Page.

Editing the Promo Page Title and Text

In this section, you will learn how to edit the Promo page Title and text.

Click the text you wish to edit or hover over it with your mouse cursor, and a blue frame will appear around it. Use the white squares at the top and bottom of the blue frame to resize the text by clicking on a white box and dragging your mouse cursor up or down.

Use the B and I icons at the top of the blue frame to make the whole text bold or italicized. Marking the entire text or portions of it will open the text editor bar.

Use the text editor bar to make the marked text bold, italicized, strikethrough the text, or underline it, set the text color to the primary website color, add a stylized colored underline, and add ordered and unordered lists.

👉 Note: Resizing the title will not work if your text or portions of it have a stylized colored underline. To resize, first remove the stylized underline and add it once the title is resized to the desired size.

Page Edit and Layout Options

In this section, you will learn how to edit the Promo page name, add images/videos and a call-to-action, and change the page layout.

On the Promo page, click the Edit button and edit the following on the side menu:

Menu Name

Edit the page's name to affect how it shows on the website menu.

Note that this will not affect the title of the page itself.

Image and Video

You can add up to 3 pictures or videos to the Promo page

Click Choose Image, upload your picture, select one from the Image or video library, or add one from an external source such as Facebook, Google Drive, and more.

  • Click the image icon to Preview it.

  • Click the downward pointing arrow to edit it using the Image Editor or set the Image with the Image Focus tool.

  • Click the X button to Remove an item.

👉 Note:

  • The size limit per image/video is 100MB.

  • If you add multiple items, they will transition between them automatically.

  • Videos will play in a loop.

Call to Action

Add a call to action to your Promo page. This will allow you to add Buttons or video pop-ups and allow your visitors to subscribe to your Mailing List. Select the desired Call to action from the drop-down Menu. Read more about Editing the Website Call To Action.

Generate Promo Content With the "AI" Tool

Generate a full promo Page text by clicking the Magic Wand Icon

You can also use the "AI" Tool to add just the page title or page text individually by hovering your mouse cursor over the current Title or page text and clicking the dedicated Icon. In the "AI" tool window, fill in your website information:

Name - Type your business or website name and the business

Category - Add your website or business category, for example, Photographer

About The Website - Add a short description of your website

Content Type - Choose content type:

  • Titles: The tool will generate a title/slogan options

  • Short About page: The tool will generate a short text option

  • Long About Page: The tool will generate a long text option

  • Custom: The tool will create a custom text based on your input.
    Choose a suitable text from the generated options, or click Show More to see more options.

Click Apply to add the text to your Promo page.

Settings (Gear Icon)

Click the gear icon to edit the layout background color, page height

Settings will differ depending on the page layout you selected


Read more about the Page Layout.

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