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Check Your Expert Commissions and Payment Requests
Check Your Expert Commissions and Payment Requests
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The SITE123 Experts Program is one of the most profitable programs out there. You can earn up to $854.30 per site, for every website you build!

The commission rate increases relative to the package type and duration.

All your Expert information is located in the Expert Panel.

Once your client upgrades their website, we will be notified about the purchase and will approve your commission as soon as possible.

After the commission is approved, it will appear in your Expert Panel and will be calculated with the rest of the website commissions you already received.

To check your commissions:

  1. Go to your Dashboard.

  2. Click the Account button at the top corner and select Expert Program from the list.

  3. You will see a list of your clients' upgraded websites, commission, status, whether it's payment for a new website or a renewal, and other related information.

Balance and Payment Requests

On your Expert Panel, check the Balance of your current commissions, which have not been paid yet.

You can request any amount bigger than $300, which is the minimum commission amount for making a payment withdrawal request.

To request payment:

  1. Click the Request payment button.

  2. In your payment request, you need to attach an invoice with the requested payment amount and specify the PayPal account for the payment.

  3. The payment will appear in your PayPal account within 7 business days after you submit a payment request.

  4. Once you've submitted your payment request, your balance will show 0. You will see your newly submitted request in the Payment Requests tab.

To view all payment requests:

  1. Click the Payment Requests tab, under Main.

  2. You will see all of the payment requests you ever submitted for commission withdrawal, along with their date, approval status, and payment amount.

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