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Manage Your Client Websites
Manage Your Client Websites
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As an Expert, you can decide how you wish to manage your client websites and how to conduct a continued business relationship with your clients.

While working on client websites, choose whether to share the progress with your client and give them access to the website or add them as a contributor.

When you're done working on a website, discuss and agree with your client whether you will be the one managing the website, or if you prefer to transfer it to the client and let them manage it on their own.

Manage the client website

Should you decide to keep the client website under your Expert account, it means that you will be managing it and handling all the related issues: payments, invoices, routine maintenance and updating of the website, and so on.

This means that you are the customer when it comes to SITE123:

You will pay for the website with your own credit card and have the invoice in your name, you will be in charge of renewal payments, you will run the website, and in general, any communication you have with SITE123 in regards to the website will be with you as our customer.

Transfer the client website to your client

In case you decide to transfer the client website you built to the client, all of the above will be done from the client's side.

The client will manage and handle their own website:

The client will make the upgrade and payment and receive an invoice in their name, they will be in charge of renewal payments, and for any communication with SITE123, they will be considered as the owner of the website and our customer.

With this option, make sure to transfer the website to your client before upgrading and paying for a premium package, to allow your client to make the payment and receive the invoice in their name.

You can check the option Remain as contributor to set yourself as a contributor and maintain access to the website.

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