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Edit the Pop-up tool Settings
Edit the Pop-up tool Settings
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Add a Pop-Up window to your website to display promotions and notifications to your users.

👉 Note: This tool is only available for the Professional Package and above,

Follow this guide to Upgrade Your Website.

Add the Pop-Up Tool

In order to set up a pop-up, follow these steps :

  • Go to Design and then click on Footer

  • Toggle on Promotion Popups and click Edit

Edit The Pop- UP Tool Settings

The pop-up tool offers options that will allow you to determine the look and appearance of the pop-up.

  • Popup Kind - Choose Exit or Enter to determine when the pop-up will be displayed.

  • Enter - when a user enters the website

  • Exit- when a user attempts to leave the website

Where to Show

Choose where to display the Pop-Up:

  • Only on Homepage- Pop-Up will be displayed only on the homepage

  • All Pages - Pop Up will be displayed on all website pages

Additional settings

Repeat - Choose a time period for the Pop-Up to be displayed

Templates - Choose a template for your Pop-Up

Title 1 - Set your primary Pop-Up title

Title 2 - Set your secondary Pop-Up text

Image - Choose an image from the image library or upload your image

Click Preview to display your Pop-Up before publishing your changes.

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