SITE123 is an advanced and an incredibly easy-to-use website builder, providing you with a variety of online website builder with an intuitive editor interface. With SITE123, you can construct, update, and manage your website without the need for any specialized knowledge. Try it now!
SITE123 provides excellent 24/7 live chat support!
Whenever you have a question there is always someone online to assist you.
Other than English live chat support, we also provide live chat support in 11 different languages: 
  1. Portuguese.
  2. French.
  3. Spanish.
  4. Italian.
  5. Arabic.
  6. Russian.
  7. Greek.
  8. Chinese.
  9. Turkish.
  10. German.
  11. Hebrew.
You can also reach out to our representives via email at support@site123.com or use our support center to find answers to your questions.

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This question is important today more than ever before, because where a site is stored affects its loading time, and a site’s loading time significantly affects the ability to attract and retain traffic to a website. To reduce loading time, SITE123's websites are stored on content distribution (CDN) servers located around the world. This way a visitor to your site will be able to download information from a server closest to them for the best loading speeds possible.
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Our free trial starts with 500 MB of storage space and allows you to increase that storage capacity dramatically, permitting up to 270 GB of storage volume with the Gold plan! Click here to learn more about the packages >>
With our free website builder you can build corporate websites, e-commerce sites, any manner of content-rich website you wish. No matter what type of website you may construct, it will be automatically adapted for smartphones and tablets and optimized for display and use on any touch screen device.
A vital key to the success of your business website is in the selection of an appropriate and memorable domain name. SITE123 offers a free domain unique domain name with any of our award-winning annual plans.
Once you've started the website we will give you a free subdomain of the following configuration: yourname.SITE123.me. which you can edit, but the second part will always remain SITE123.me. Here you can read more about the domain options that SITE123 offers. 
Certainly. You can register and purchase as many domains as you like from us at SITE123.
Remember! SITE123 offers a free domain name with any annual plan purchase.

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Here are some of the reasons why you need a custom domain name on your website:

  1. It's a lot more trustworthy in the eyes of users. 
  2. If you are trying to make a business website, you’ll have a much easier time with a custom domain than you would with a free sub-domain. 
  3. You can publicize your domain name with ease rather than having to type a long name. 
  4. You can have a contact email like username@yourdomain.com rather than a Gmail or Yahoo email. 
  5. You have better exposure in search engines.
Consider purchasing and connecting your own custom domain name today!
SSL is the standard security system used on the internet. It helps the owner of the website create a secure environment for their customers. You will recognize a website has SSL if it has a "S" in "https" at the beginning of any URL.

Although this service usually costs money, SITE123 provides free SSL for all of our users! This is yet one more way SITE123 does all it can to make sure our client's websites are safe and secure! Read more about SSL here.
Our Support Team would be happy to walk you through this process. Contact us via our 24/7 online chat support or via email and our team will guide you through this easy process. Your domain will be up and running before you know it!

We can also do it for you! Watch this short tutorial to learn how we can connect your domain for you.
Yes! Our premium packages offers a range of domain-affiliated mailboxes dependent on your business needs. These mailboxes can all be customized to be under your business name for a more professional presentation to your clients and viewers! Read more about email accounts offered by SITE123.
SITE123 uses Webmail, an effective mailbox system that is compatible with any email software supporting Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3,) including Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, iPhone and Android email applications. Our Support Team will be glad to help you set up your email account.
There is no limit! You can open as many websites as you wish under the same account and manage them all with a single admin username. Create your website now!
To login to your website, all you have to do is go to site123.com and click the login button. You can login in and logout at any time by clicking the account icon in the top of your dashboard when inside your SITE123 account. We've designed SITE123 to be as easy and accessible as possible!
SITE123’s editor interface allows the user to efficiently edit their website, changing layouts and settings on the fly while modifying their design settings using simple and uniform tools. Here’s a video demo that shows just how easy it is to edit a SITE123 website.
Here you can see a few examples of websites built by different users using SITE123:
SITE123 Examples.
You can start your website by choosing a designed template. We have lots of great templates to get you started, which you can see here! Choose the one that best matches your needs and then you can customize it to make it perfect for you.
Yes you can. All changes are saved automatically to draft and are not published until you press the Publish button. You can log out by clicking on SITE123 in the top corner and then on the "Return to dashboard" text. The "Logout" link will appear inside of the dropdown menu of the account button. To keep updating your website, come back any time and log in again with your email and password.
Yes! Our website builder allows you to manage and update your website even after it has been published, at any time and from anywhere in the world.
Yes! Our online library contains a huge image bank featuring hundreds of quality pictures that you can use freely on your website.

Read more about SITE123's free image and icons library >>
We know that interacting with visitors is important to every business. That’s why we’ve given you the opportunity to integrate interactive contact forms into any website you create with SITE123. A form can be connected to an email address that will automatically receive mail or text notifications each time an inquiry is submitted. We also offer the option to create an automatic reply so that the form will send a confirmation message to the visitor.
Certainly. SITE123 online store system allows you to collect payment for your products and services directly through your website. You can manage your products and orders with the help of our e-commerce store, giving users many possibilities. In addition, the system offers a variety of card payment options based on the interface with such online services as PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Braintree and others. All transactions are safe per our free SSL protection service!
Find out more about SITE123's online store options.

Of course! You can build your website in any of the 80 languages that SITE123 supports. Find out more here.
There is no need!
Our editor interface will automatically adapt the elements in your desktop website and optimize them for display on mobile phones and tablets! Read more about our SITE123 responsive web design.
Yes. SITE123 offers a one-of-a-kind solution that helps you create multi-language websites in a just a few clicks. With integrated auto-translate system you can build a multi-language website in no time.
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No, you cannot export your website or store it on an external server. Your website will be stored on backed-up and secured servers, working in perfect synchronization with Content Distribution Networks that protect your website's online integrity while making it load as quickly as possible for online viewers.

Read more about SITE123's free hosting >> 
SITE123 is a commercial website builder that can be used on the company's servers only. For this reason, it is impossible to export your website's source code to manage it elsewhere. Our website builder is an advanced product targeting an audience of users with no web programming or web design skills, therefore no access to the source code is allowed. All websites and templates are proprietary and cannot be downloaded or exported from our system.
SITE123 offers one of the most rewarding affiliate programs out there. It offers its members one of the highest commission rates in the market. The products we sell are well-known which makes them easier to market. Registering to the program is free!
You can read more about it here: affiliates.site123.com

Also, You can send us an email to affiliates@site123.com with your questions and details about the traffic source and business that you have and we will answer all of your questions.
Our company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.
As an international company we have different office locations throughout the globe.