Connect your ix web hosting domain to your SITE123 website

To point your ix web hosting domain to SITE123, you must have access to your domain management panel or be in contact with your domain provider. You will need to update 2 records in your domain's settings: an A-record and a CNAME record.

Please find below detailed instructions:

  1. Log in to your account at ix web hosting.
  2. In the Hosting Account area, click Manage.
  3. Find and click the domain you'd like to point to your SITE123 website.
  4. Click Edit next to DNS Configuration.
  5. Click on the dust bin icon next to the main A record.
  6. Click on Add DNS A Record.
  7. Specify your domain name (without WWW) in the Name field.
  8. In the Data field, enter and click Submit.
  9. Click Add DNS CNAME Record.
  10. In the Name field, enter www.
  11. In the Data field, enter
  12. Click Submit.

Note - If you do not want to setup SSL, point the Cname to