Adding a Digital Product to your website

Digital products are now an option for your online store! A great way to increase your sales and diversify your product options! Upload your digital products to your online store and when your customers make their purchase, the digital products will be sent to them for immediate download!

Watch this tutorial to learn how to add digital products to your online store:

These are the steps for adding a digital product to your online store:

  1. Confirm that you have a Professional or Gold plan -  The Digital File option is available only for these plans.
  2. Click on Pages.
  3. Click on Edit in the store page field.
  4. Click on Edit in the product field you would like to add a file.
  5. Choose the field called 'TYPE' and change it from Physical to Digital File.
  6. Upload the digital file to the website.
  7. Click save.

What else?
When the customer complete the purchase he will receive an email with the file attached. The file will be available to download for 30 days only.
If the user purchases the digital file with an offline payment option (Phone, Wire transfer...), the user will need to confirm the order on the orders board, and only then the email with the file will be sent immediately to the customer.