How to add and show social logos on your website

If you are managing accounts on leading social networks, connecting your personal website to your social media accounts helps in promoting your services and increasing your site's SEO performance!

This short tutorial will show you how to add and show social logos on your website:

To link your website to your social media accounts step by step:

  1. Go to Design.
  2. Click Footer Layouts.
  3. Turn Show Social Networks on.
  4. Enter links to your relevant social media pages.
  5. Icons of the selected social networks will automatically appear in the footer of the site and on the Contact page.

What else?
This tool allows you to add up to 16 different major social media icons with links to your specific social media websites. Interconnections between sites are crucial to SEO performance, enhancing your site's access to social media while also increasing its visibility to internet search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Use the social media options you want without adding ones you aren't interested in, giving you options on what you use and how.