How to change website button design styles

Change the look of your website's buttons, menu, and header styles. Mix and match the different options available to create a synergistic look that makes your website stand out to viewers!

This short tutorial will show you how to change your website buttons design.

To change the website buttons design step by step:

1) Click on the DESIGN tab.
2) Click on the STYLES tab.
3) Choose the Menu Link Style from the drop-down list.
4) Choose the Button Corner type from the drop-down list.
5) Choose the Inside Page Header from the drop-down list.

What else?
Changing the menu link style to one of your four choices: simple, button, transparent button, underline has a big impact on how users view the style of your menu. Match it up with one of the three button styles, rounded, pointed, or slightly rounded to make the menu flare out to users. The last step is picking the right choice out of two inside the page header: clean with color or clean and simple. These three tools determine whether your header looks good or great.