How to define advanced page settings

This video tutorial explains how to set up a slogan and meta description for every page.

How to define advanced page settings
For better SEO or search engine optimization, you will want to add a meta description and a tagline to each of your pages so that when search engines look at your website, they can easily recognize what your website is all about. What this video to learn how. First, select the page to add the tagline and meta description to.

Click on the Cogwheel beside the page. Add up to 500 words as a Slogan for the desired page. Then, add the meta description for the page that will “tag” the content like cats, cat tips, cat grooming. Now, click Save in green and repeat for the rest of your pages.

To set up a slogan and/or a meta description in your page:

  1. Go to Pages.
  2. Click the cogwheel icon on the page you want to update.
  3. Enter your slogan/description.
  4. Click Save.

Use our free website builder to add meta description for your pages.