How to edit your About me page

In contrast to your homepage aimed to communicate the instant message to the visitor, the about page is about giving some real detail to your visitor about your website and what it is about. It is a great tool for inserting detail to any part of your website.

This short tutorial will show you how to edit your About me Page.

To edit your About me page:

  1. Click on the PAGES tab.
  2. Click Add New Page button.
  3. Click EDIT button to edit your about page.

What else?
The about page me features a simplified text editor that lets you quickly enter in text information about your website. You can also insert a single image to provide some additional graphical detail to compliment the written information. The text on an about page is also a great place to insert a text link to other parts of your website if you want to lead viewers to specific parts of your site.