How to integrate plugins to your site

This video tutorial explains how to integrate plugins to your site.

How to integrate plugins to your site
Do you wish to add tools like Google analytics and Google webmaster to improve your SEO efforts or communicate with customers through or PURE CHAT? You can add these tools and more using the Plugins feature. This tutorial will show you how. To integrate Plugins on your website, first go to the Settings tab on the far left. Select Plugins and then click on Manage Plugins.

Here, you can explore and select which third party tools you wish to incorporate on your website. Choose the desired plugin and click on Add. To add more plugins, click on Add New Plugin. Be sure to create an account with the third party ie Google and add the required information to the plugin to get it working.

To integrate plugins to your site:

  1. Click SETTINGS.
  2. Click PLUGINS.
  4. Choose the plugin you want to integrate and click ADD
  5. To add more plugins click ADD NEW PLUGIN

Create your own website and enjoy great 3rd party plugins.