How to manage store coupons

Watch this tutorial to learn how to manage store coupons in your online store:

To manage your store’s coupons:

  1. Click SETTINGS tab.
  2. Click E-COMMERCE tab.
  3. Click E-commerce Settings button.
  4. From the dropdown menu, choose Coupons.
  5. Click “Add new Coupon” button.
  6. A coupon code will be automatically generated. You can customise this code if desired.
  7. Insert a coupon name.
  8. Write in the amount of uses you want for the coupon - in numbers only.
  9. Specify the coupon discount (in numbers only).
  10. Specify in Coupon Type whether the number in coupon discount is a PERCENT or a SUM.
  11. Enter an expiry date for the coupon if desired.
  12. Click the Save button once finished.
  13. To edit any coupon created, click the gray Edit button next to it.
  14. To remove any coupon from the system, click the red Delete button.