How to manage your mailing list

This video demonstrates the process of subscription to mailing list and shows how to manage the list of subscribed addressees.

How to manage your mailing list
Once you have added a Mailing List subscription field to your website, you now need to set up and manage the list. This video tutorial will show you how. First, go to your account manager page by clicking the top left Site123 logo. Then, go to Activities to the bottom right beside your website. Choose Mailing List from the dropdown menu options. Down the left side, you will see the mailing List options and Settings. First, click on Mailing to view new subscribers and whether they have opted-in.

Before creating your first message, you will need to create and enter your Settings including Sender name, Sender Email, Sender’s Address and Sender’s Phone Number. Click Save in green when done. Under New Message, you can compose your message to your customers. Check under History to view previous messages created and sent out. Click Export to create an export of your subscribers in TXT format.

To manage your mailing list:

  1. Go to your account manager.
  2. Click Activities.
  3. Choose Mailing List.
  4. Click Mailing to view the list of your new subscribers.
  5. Click New Message to create a new message.
  6. Click History to view previously sent messages.
  7. Click Settings to set up your sender details.
  8. Click Export to export your list of subscribers as a TXT file.

Create a free website and manage your mailing list.