How to use the form builder

Watch this tutorial to see how to use the form builder:

To use the form builder step by step:

  1. Make sure you have a premium (paid plan) for the website.
  2. Click the PAGES tab.
  3. Click the Add New Page button.
  4. Click inside the white search bar.
  5. Type in “Custom Form Builder”, then hit enter.
  6. Click the custom form builder page to insert it into your website.
  7. Click the PAGES tab.
  8. Click the blue Edit button next to Custom Form Builder.
  9. Under the Settings tab, you can change the text for the send button, the recipient of the form’s email, enable and create an auto-reply message, and scripts/codes that run when submitting a message.
  10. Under the Builder tab, you can insert, remove, and customise 11 different types of form features.
  11. Hit the Save button once the form is complete.