How to use the free domain coupon and set it on your website

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the free domain coupon and set it on your website:

To buy a domain name and set it on your website:

  1. First make sure that your site is upgraded to a Premium plan.
  2. On your site's dashboard click DOMAIN.
  3. Click "Set unique domain."
  4. Click "Search New Domain."
  5. Under "Check domain availability" type the domain name that you want to buy and click Search Now.
  6. A form will be open where you need to fill in your details.
  7. NOTE: Make sure that you enter an email account which you have access to, because you will need to verify this email to make your domain active.
  8. Click Continue to move to the next step.
  9. The system will calculate the coupon and complete the ordering without a need to pay.
  10. An "Order confirmation" note will appear and the domain will be connected to your site shortly. 
  11. Look for a verification mail from "" on your email account, and click on the link to verift the domain.
  12. Your domain will be active shortly. 

Note: If you have a free domain coupon, you will see a "Get your free domain" button on your site's dashboard which will lead you to the search somain area quickly.