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Getting Started


How to add new pages

SITE123 offers a variety of pages designed to cater to nearly every purpose. Adding new pages should not take you more than a couple of simple steps and will add enormously to your website's design!

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How to edit your About me page

In contrast to your homepage aimed to communicate the instant message to the visitor, the about page is about giving some real detail to your visitor about your website and what it is about. It is a great tool for inserting detail to any part of your website.

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How to change your subdomain

A sub-domain is your website’s address that will appear in the browser’s address line. It consists of a name of your choice and our default domain “”.

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How to change your web fonts

SITE123 offers you a wide selection of free web fonts to use in your website. The stylistic options allow you to find a font that perfectly communicates the tone and feel of your website.

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How to change your website layout

Choose your website's layout from 12 different types of menus - horizontal and vertical, visible and hidden, and more in just a couple of simple steps.

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How to add and show social logos on your website

If you are managing accounts on leading social networks, connecting your personal website to your social media accounts helps in promoting your services and increasing your site's SEO performance!

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How to change your web colors palette

Design your website by choosing the right colors. Color customization lets you design a website that has the combination of colors that make it look fantastic!

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How to change website button design styles

Change the look of your website's buttons, menu, and header styles. Mix and match the different options available to create a synergistic look that makes your website stand out to viewers!

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How to use the website preview tool before publishing

Preview how your website will look on different types of screens and resolutions before publishing your website. Make sure the site looks great before you hit the publish button!

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How to open an account

Signing up with SITE123 is easier than you could imagine and can be done quickly and easily. Click "START HERE" anywhere on the site and let's get started!

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How to upload files to your website

Learn how to upload files using our advanced editor

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How to add and manage the image gallery

Learn how to to add a gallery and manage images on your website.

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