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Create an Ecommerce store to sell products online and boost your business sales.

To create your Ecommerce:

  1. In the Website Editor, click Pages.

  2. Find the Ecommerce (Store) page, or add it as a new page, and click the Edit button.

  3. Here are some steps to start:

Add Products

Upload as many products or digital files as you like, list the product name, description, and set the price. Read about Adding Products.

Edit Product Options and Manage Inventory

Let your customers know whether your product is in or out of stock and show different variants of the product (like color and size). Read about managing Variants and Inventory.

Arrange Products in Categories and Subcategories

Categorize your products to make sure that your store items are managed easily. Read about managing Ecommerce Categories and Subcategories.

Set Payment Methods

Set your accepted currencies and payment methods, whether offline like phone and bank transfer, or online like Paypal and credit card. Read about setting Currency and Payment Methods.

Set Shipping and Tax

Set the shipping method and the regions you ship to and tax to the order. Read about setting Shipping and Tax.

Customize the Order Form and other Configurations

Add different fields to your Order Form, set Custom Labels, Measurements and a Return Policy, enable Product Reviews, Wish List and Abandoned Cart Reminders, and many more options. Read about customizing your Ecommerce Order Form and other Configurations.

Create Coupons

Add discount coupons for your customers to apply to specific products, categories, or minimum order subtotal. Read about creating Coupons.

Edit the Ecommerce Homepage

Select which products and categories you want to show on your Ecommerce Homepage. Read about editing your Ecommerce Homepage Sections.

Customize the Ecommerce Design

Design how the products and categories will be displayed. Read about customizing your Ecommerce Design.

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