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Add a Multi-Section Page to the Website
Add a Multi-Section Page to the Website
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Create a page and add different pages to it as sections. For example, create a page called Our Company and add several pages (sections) to it, such as About, Team, and Contact, and they will be displayed as one page.

Adding the Multi-Section Page

To add a multi-section page:

  • In the Website Editor, click Pages.

  • Click the Arrow pointing down next to the Add New Page button.

  • Select Add Multi-Section Page and enter the name of the page.

  • Click the Sections button, then Add New Section.

  • Alternatively, in your pages list, choose the desired page, click the Gear icon, and select Convert to Multi-section page.

Edit the Section Pages

Inside each section, click Edit and Layouts to customize it. Click the gear icon in the side menu to hide the section from users/mobile, add a slogan, and duplicate the section. Drag the section box or click the arrows inside the section to reposition it.

👉 Note:

  • The Multi-section option is available for Multipage type websites. Read about changing your Website Type.

  • The Multi-section page will not appear on the Homepage, only the Header Menu.

  • SEO settings are for the entire Multi-section page, not per section.

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