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Group websites together on your Dashboard to conveniently organize and manage multiple websites.

Create a Group

  • Go to your Dashboard.

  • Click Create New Group.

  • Type the Group Name and click Save.

  • You will be redirected to the Manager page, where you can see all the websites and groups you have on the account.

  • Click the group name to add a New Website, Edit Managers, Edit Group, and Delete it.

Move Websites In and Out of Groups

  • Go to your website Dashboard.

  • Click the Settings button, then Move to Group.

  • Select the group you wish to move the website to from the list.

  • Alternatively, click My Sites to get to your main Dashboard and drag the website into the desired group.

Add or Delete Group Managers

  • Click My Sites to get to your main Dashboard.

  • Select one of your groups to view all the sites in that group.

  • Click the Edit Managers button, then Add New Manager.

  • Enter the email of the user you wish to add as a manager of this group.

👉 Note: To add a group manager, they must have an account with us.

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